64 CONTENT CREATION WHAT IS CONTENT CREATION? In today’s world, everyone is a digital consumer. As entrepreneurs in the 21st century, it is important to consider and carefully plan your digital strategy. How can you create a sustainable profession with digital technologies? You will first need to build a comprehensive digital mindset for your digital marketing strategy. A lot is known about how a professional in the art world has to carry out their artistic projects with buyers, patrons, art dealers, etc. But how can an artist, performer, sculptor, or painter of the 21st century succeed in today’s digitalised world? Creating digital content is a fundamental part of your digital strategy, as it is the element you will use to communicate your brand. Developing digital content will form the basis of your digital strategy. Developing your personal digital marketing strategy is particularly important if you want to succeed in the art world of today. Marketing and creativity are two concepts that have always gone hand in hand. Therefore, a digital marketing strategy will never be successful without an artistic or creative component. It is crucial to identify pre-established objectives and a roadmap to achieve your goals. WHAT IS CONTENT? Content is any format that is introduced as text, video, image or any other medium in order for a brand or business to convey a message or provide information of interest to its audience and consumers. Content is not limited to social networks; it also encompasses other channels such as websites. Content is not simply taking pretty pictures or making entertaining reels on Instagram. It takes its form in a variety of different visual methods. WHAT IS VALUABLE CONTENT? Valuable content is all content created with your clientele in mind. It is content that is useful and generates trust, loyalty and a following from your audience. WHY IS CONTENT CREATION NECESSARY? In addition to generating attention, your content will serve to inform, promote, help, and entertain your audience. It will act as the cornerstone that will give you direct access to building the audience who will become your customers.