65 WHAT ARE THE ADVANTAGES OF CONTENT CREATION FOR ARTISTS? Creating digital content will serve to make yourself known. If you are looking to attract people to your art event, local gig, or to generate customers to buy your work; they must know you first. By creating content and making yourself known, you will consequently attract new people. Creating digital content also allows you to reach people from all over the world. Little by little, your audience will grow with people who are interested in what you have to offer. By constantly creating valuable content, you will develop an identity, one which can differentiate you from other artists. You can show them distinct aspects of your talent which will positively contribute to the formation of your audience and your consumers. Creating content will allow you to gain traction through different online platforms. You will be able to gauge how well your audience receives your work. You will not need to sacrifice your art to please the public, but instead be able to present your work in a way that is attractive for them to consume. Platform statistics can help you to navigate which things your consumers respond well to, as well as gaining an insight into which content they prefer. This can help you to fine tune your digital strategy for the better. In short, it can: • Increase the visibility of your brand • Create brand awareness and recognition • Builds authority and credibility • Build your audience and clientele HOW TO CREATE CONTENT You want your digital content to reflect your brand and identity. Social media acts as a great tool for sharing your works online. It allows you to create blogs, posts, or videos of your artwork. Delivery matters. You will need to consider how you want to display your work online. If people come to your website, blogs, or social media sites you want to capture their attention. This is why design is especially important when you are creating your digital content. You will need to remain consistent and ensure your content is of high quality. When creating your content, it is important to remember: • Content matters • Good design is essential • Diversify your platforms If you’re thinking of getting started with your content creation, why not take a look at some helpful advice by clicking on the following links: • How to create digital content • Digital content - What you need to know • Marketing your work online through digital content creation • How to use social media to promote your brand