63 Answer the following questions taking into consideration what you have read in this chapter: 1. You are a musician. Which social medium would you choose in order to promote your work? a. Facebook b. Instagram 2. How many times per week an artist should post per week? a. The more you post, the better b. 2 times per week 3. I am preparing an event to present my work to the public. Which platform should I use in order to make sure that the news about my event will reach as many people as possible? a. Instagram b. Twitter Right answers: 1 - a 2 - a 3 - b • Choose a social medium, where you want to build a part of your digital identity. • Outline your goals regarding your digital presence in this social medium for the next six month. • Use the SMART Goals system. Evaluate the following behaviors (bad or good netiquette): 1. Jack always quotes the text to which he answers. 2. Mary shares others photos without asking them first. 3. Giovanni writes everything in capital letters. 4. Morgan sends inappropriate photos of himself to other users. 5. Rachel used emoticons in order to help convey her feelings. 6. Joanna uploads everyday her lunch. 7. Dan uploads racist jokes on his Facebook page. 8. Ahmet includes always a subject line when he sends and e-mail. Right answers: 1 - G 2 - B-privacy issue 3 - B 4 - B 5 - G 6 - B-spamming 7 - B-jokes 8 - G Activity 1 Activity 3 Activity 2