60 • Make sure Facebook is a suitable medium for your business. • Create a business profile. • Facebook is more personal. Hashtags are not widely used. • You can write long and more insightful posts. • The more your posts are liked and share, the more people will “see” you. • You can have two accounts on Instagram - one “personal” and one “business”. • Your account should have: clarity, impact, memorability • Post high quality images. Edit before posting. It is the basis of your presence in the platform. • Use Stories for secondary, lighter, less important content. • Less visual platform. It can be used to get closer to your community and raise your voice. • Use hashtags as much as possible. • Use accompanying visuals, it enhances the reach of your tweet. • Keep your text short and use links. NETIQUETTE Artists that utilize the internet for work purposes must be familiar with netiquette – a code of conduct on the Internet, the “good manners” in the online environment. It helps in effective internet communication and general interaction, while also helping to reduce the burden of digital systems and unpleasant conflicts between users (Webroot, 2022). If you want to promote your artwork online main rules are (LightSpaceTime, 2011): 1. Fact check before republishing any news. 2. Avoid aggression. You might receive negative reviews and comments but you should not engage in such comments and quarrels or engage in similar behaviors yourself. 3. Show respect for the rules established by the respective internet group and therefore not to violate them. 4. Respect copyright. Make sure that what you are going to share or publish does not violate copyright laws or anyone’s privacy. 5. Respond to personal messages from fans who are interested in your work. 6. Be positive with your followers + NET (INTERNET) ETIQUETTE NETIQUETTE