59 COMMUNICATION SHARING THROUGH DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES If you choose to promote your work on the internet you should: • Be aware of the available communication channels • Make use of these channels • Assess the appropriate usage of these channels Free promotion through internet can be achieved by (McNee, 2021): • Joining a social network: social media (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest) is the easiest and fastest way to expand your network and gain recognition. • Creating a personal blog: A blog can be a space, where you can promote your brand and your art. You will increase the chances to be found through google search if you write about what potential clients or other artists are interested in. • Posting in other blogs as guests: When writing as a guest in other blogs-sites you get to introduce your art to a new audience and increase the traffic to your site. You can write some tips from your experience or share an inspirational story. • Making comments on other blogs: With commenting/liking on others work/pages you create a network, enhance your visibility and form bonds with other communities and/or artists. • Creating videos that describe the artist’s work and course: YouTube is the second most used search engine after Google so videos are a great tool to reach your target audience. • Participating in public forums: Join art related forums and show your expertise in your field. This can also increase the traffic to your website-blog. • Publishing free e-books: You can publish some e-books for free that will make you more popular. Include your information and logo.