14 This exercise is suitable for artists from all disciplines. This activity is designed to help you to map out how much time you are spending on particular activities and to help to decide where you need to focus your attention to develop your career further. Do you need to shift focus? Find a sheet of paper – A3 if possible – but whatever you have available. Section your paper into 8 pieces. Give each section a heading You can pick your own if you have other headings that you prefer. Now give yourself a score for each section, 1 being area where you feel that you have made least progress and 10 where you have made the most. Those areas where you have the most focus will have the highest scores. Identify which those are and ask yourself the following questions: 1. Which areas have I made less progress? 2. What are consequences of me not having progressed those areas? 3. What is it that has prevented me from making progress on those areas? 4. Should I put more focus on those areas? 5. How will I ensure I focus more on those areas I have identified as needing more progress? Time needed: 30 minutes Difficulty: Easy Task: An analysis of where you focus your time / effort Creating Focus for Productivity 1. PRODUCING WORK How much attention you pay to making your creative outputs and how frequently you do this? 2. WORK/LIFE BALANCE How much balance have you created between your work / practice and the rest of your life? 3. WHO I KNOW/NETWORK To what extent do you have a strong network that allows you to achieve your goals for your practice? 4. FINANCE/SECURITY How confident are you that your finances are secure? 5. SKILL DEVELOPMENT How successful have you been in developing skills for your career and in general in life? 6. SHOWING WORK/EXHIBITIONS/ENGAGING AUDIENCES How have you engaged audiences? Are you happy with where you have shown your work / performed? 7. MARKETING/SOCIAL MEDIA The what extent have you promoted your work? Is engagement strong? 8. WELLBEING AND ENJOYMENT Are you enjoying your work and life? How have you made sure that your practice supports your general wellbeing?