13 This task is designed for artists from different disciplines to help you to think about planning for the near and more distant future. Remember that you might want to adapt the timings of your plan- perhaps it suits you better to do 6 months, 1 year, or 2 years for example. You must also be aware that these plans are adaptable and not set in stone. You will need to be able to respond to opportunities as they arise. They should be useful against your career objectives. STEP 1 Take a piece of paper and split it into three columns. Write 1 year in the first column, 3 years in the second and 5 years in the third. Then split the page down into rows: Personal, Professional and Financial. STEP 2 Imagine where you what you want to archive by those points in each of those areas of your life over time. What are your personal, professional and financial objectives (your life objectives). STEP 3 Now fill in each section with a plan or a number of aims for that year. Remember to think about your plans being, achievable and measurable. When doing this you might bear in mind one aim whilst considering another. For example, some of your personal objectives might impact your financial objectives. Time needed: 5-30 minutes Task: N/A Visioning your 1-3-5 year plan Difficulty: Moderate