15 BUILDING CONFIDENCE One thing that holds people back from meeting their objectives and implementing their plan, whether artists or not, is a lack of confidence. We might worry if we have the ability to deliver a project or about how our work will be received by an audience. It is important that you don’t let these sorts of worries prevent you from working proactively towards your objectives. That means you need to build your self-efficacy – your belief in your abilities to carry out all areas of your practice whether it be to make work or present our ideas to a potential client. One way to start building your confidence is to think about your successes and what you are good at. Everyone has a range of things that they are good at and you should take time to reflect on yours. You can then move on to identify what you are less confident about, and figure out what you can do to change it. OVERCOMING YOUR FEARS Building our belief in our abilities often comes down to how we feel about our skills and aptitudes. Especially where we haven’t done something before we might be nervous about our ability to do it. These three things will help you build your confidence: Learn it – rehearse it at a workshop or with friends in a safe environment. Practice it – give it a go for real. Repeat it – do it again and again so that you improve and become fully confident. Keeping a journal can help you identify your successes and areas where you need to improve. By reflecting as things occur it makes sure you don’t miss those successes that might otherwise be overlooked. It will also make sure you don’t ignore the areas where you need to develop. Over time it will also allow you to look back and see how you overcame worries, giving you the confidence to take on bigger challenges more readily. SELF-AWARENESS AND SELF EFFICACY