10 This exercise is suitable for artist from all disciplines. It is intended to help you develop the ability to present a pitch for funding. STEP 1 Take your draft proposal prepared in the previous exercise. Imagine that you have been invited to present and pitch for the funding. Prepare your presentation: STEP 2 Think about which is the best format of a presentation – what will your funder want / expect to see. STEP 3 Develop the materials for the pitch – be it a PowerPoint presentation, demonstration of parts of a performance, mocked up images of how an exhibition of physical work could look. STEP 4 Present the pitch to a colleague, mentor or tutor asking them respond to the following questions: • Did I demonstrate what I propose to do clearly? • Was it clear how I would put the proposal into action? • Did what I proposed meet the brief? • Would you be convinced to fund me? Where the answer is no to any of these questions how can things be changed to enable me to improve? Time needed: 1 Hour preparation +30minutes presentation and feedback Task: Developing and delivering a pitch Pitching to a Brief Difficulty: Hard