9 This activity is designed to help you to think about your work from the perspective of the funder / purchaser. Put yourself in their shoes. STEP 1 Write a hypothetical application brief for an artist opportunity. STEP 2 Include the submission guidelines including: 1. What the opportunity is, where, why, who, when, how? 2. What is required to apply (e.g. and artist statement, ten images or examples of recent works with labels, why you are suited to the opportunity, statement of proposed work and CV.) This exercise is suitable for artist from all disciplines. It is intended to help you develop the ability to write a written application for funding. STEP 1 Write a draft proposal for an opportunity you have identified and would like to make happen. STEP 2 Write about and show images to support your idea. Remember to show: • Who you are • What you would like to do • Why you would like to do it • How you will go about doing it • Where you will make the opportunity happen • How all of this meets the brief Time needed: 15 minutes Difficulty: Moderate Task: Writing a funding brief Creating a Brief Time needed: 2 hours Difficulty: Moderate Task: Writing an application in response to a brief Creating an Application