11 VISIONING YOUR LIFE Visioning is how we set our goals for the future. It requires us to think about what we want our future to be like to determine our goals. To do that we have to use our imagination and allow ourselves to dream a little about what we want to achieve. It is important that when you do that you don’t just focus on your artistic practice. You also need to imagine what all areas of your life might be like. This is called a whole-life approach. Where will you live, with whom, what will you do outside of your practice, and what will it really cost in time and financial resources to do those things. Once you have the answers to these sorts of questions you can turn them into objectives. It is sensible to set personal, professional, and financial life objectives. You can then work proactively towards them. INTEGRATING YOUR LIFE OBJECTIVES Once you have an idea of your life objectives you need to think about how you can integrate them, making different aspects of your life work together. For example, artists often make decisions on where they live on the basis of where their customers are located and where they can afford the space they desire for their work. Also, many artists have had to think about how they cater for the needs of their children whilst meeting the demands of their practice. When it comes to finances you need to consider how your practice will provide the resources needed to sustain your life as a whole. Taking your life objectives as your starting point, you need to work out what financial resources you will need, and work back to determine how your practice can be run to deliver them. VISION