HeART Consolidated Report

The present consolidated report is developed in the context of the Erasmus+ project “Helping ARTists of Europe Survive As Freelancers and Entrepreneurs” (HeART), which aims to enhance the competences and skills of artists and individuals working in culture and creative sectors and secure their inclusion to the labour market and society in general. It is based on the content of the national reports partner countries created and it includes the findings of their primary and secondary research on the subject. More precisely, the introduction includes the findings of their desk research and covers inter alia the following topics: young artists, employment, navigation the post-pandemic environment, skills for artists as entrepreneurs. The first main section contains the methodology of the primary research and the second one its results. The main aim of the focus groups and the questionnaires was to identify artists’ capacity to cope with the coronavirus aftermath, if they are facing any difficulties promoting their work and attracting a clientele and if they use any online platforms to do so and how. In addition, it was investigated whether young artists believe that they receive appreciation, acknowledgement and reward that responds to their efforts and creative products. Finally, the report concludes with certain recommendations that are expected to improve the situation.

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