The Cultural and Creative sectors are among the hardest hit industries by the pandemic. COVID-19 and its related consequences, such as lockdowns, negatively affected people working in these industries. People working in the Cultural and Creative Sectors (including artists, performers and those who supply a range of trades) have faced reduced income and even, in some cases unemployment.

The HeART project will enhance the competencies and skills of artists and individuals working in the Cultural and Creative Sectors and secure their inclusion in the labour market and society in  general. To achieve this, the project will focus on the following capacities:
1. Entrepreneurship, Employability, and Business Administration Skills (Goal setting, business setup, networking, communication, collaboration, negotiation).
2. Psychological Capacities (character strengths, empowerment, stress management, emotion regulation).
3. Digital media skills (digital skills, marketing, social media promotion, advertising and selling).


The specific objectives of the HeART project are to:
a) Build the skills of young individuals in the areas of entrepreneurship and digital skills.
b) Empower young people by enhancing their psychological capacities and wellbeing.
c) Support the networking of individuals in the EU among partner countries and beyond.
d) Provide useful information and guidance to Youth Workers, Trainers, Mentors and others, to better support young artists.
e) Combat unemployment in the creative sector - Equip young people with skills and competencies needed to enter the art labour market and sustain a stable income.


To achieve the goals and objectives, HeART will develop the following resources:

1. A Handbook for Young Artists
2. A Training Programme for Young Artists

  • Art Entrepreneurship and Employability skills (financial management, goal setting, creativity)
  • Digital Skills (digital marketing, digital communication, negotiation
  •  Psychological Capacities (strengths, empowerment, emotion regulation, self- confidence, motivation)

3. Train the Trainer course (for Youth Workers, Art Managers, Teachers, Educators, Mentors, Career and Guidance Counsellors)
4. Online Modules and OERs


  • The University of Gloucestershire is a diverse, vibrant community of 12,000 students and 1,500 staff. The university is based across three campuses in Cheltenham and Gloucester. Organised over eight academic Schools – Media, Business, Computing & Engineering, Natural & Social Sciences, Health & Social Care, Sport & Exercise, Education & Humanities and Arts. 

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  • CARDET (Centre for Advancement of Research and Development in Educational Technology) an independent, non-profit, non-governmental, research and development organization based in Cyprus. It is one of the leading research and development centres in the Euro-Mediterranean region, with global expertise in project design and implementation, capacity building, and e-learning. CARDET is independently affiliated with universities and institutions from around the world, such as the Yale University, the University of Nicosia and the International Council of Educational Media. CARDET has completed numerous projects relating to the development of capacity building and planning in education and VET, youth support, adult learning, literacies, digital tools, eLearning, educational technology, and social integration of marginalized groups and seniors.

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  • KMOP – Social Action and Innovation Centre, situated in Athens, is a non-profit organization with more than 40 years of experience in supporting vulnerable groups. Alongside with direct provision of Social services (mental health, trafficking, bullying, employment/poverty) our expertise pertains to design and implementation of impactful and innovative social initiatives in the areas of Education, Human Rights, Employment, Care & Wellbeing, Sports and to Scientific research and development of know-how in social policy issues, aiming at building resilient communities with equal opportunities for all. Our vision is a world that rests on integrity, sustainable growth and individual well-being.

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  • The Rural Hub is an Irish association founded in 2012 that provides specific training programmes in order to support and aid members of disadvantaged communities. Alongside this, they specialise in education, e-learning, media production, development, research, and strategic planning. The Rural Hub aims to support greater community involvement and enhance social inclusion by focusing on growing isolated communities. By working on national and EU funded projects, this association has supported local youth groups, migrant communities, senior adults, and individuals who have been absent from education to re-engage with service providers and mainstream education. They work with these groups, using creative approaches and the testing of digital media resources to support greater social cohesion among local communities in County Cavan. They have a developed network of county-wide stakeholders who support their work on a thematic basis. Through their community-based office, they deliver informal adult and youth education programmes through their Social Mornings and Educational Afternoons programmes; and through their ‘youth into digital media’ programmes they run in their Digital Media Zone (DMZ) in Virginia, Cavan. The Rural Hub delivers a range of diverse programmes to support the next generation of creative individuals to build and sustain successful careers.

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  • The Institute of Development was established in 2003. Its vision is to contribute to the improvement of the society’s quality of life and work experiences, boost the creativity, resilience, wellbeing, engagement and overall performance of individuals and organizations. In order to achieve its vision, offers a wide range of services such as research, consulting and trainings as well as services for the effective management of HR, ranging from strategic HR planning, career guidance and general support. IoD has participated in a variety of EU projects that include applications of positive psychology, character education, creativity, arts, soft skills and employability skills development to support different target groups such as youth, primary and high school students, parents, teachers, low skilled adults, unemployed and workers.

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  • CDPZ is an Italian consultancy and training firm, focused on SMEs, family business and leadership topics. The founder, Paolo Zaramella, is a CMC – Certified Management Consultant, with 23 years of experience.

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