76 IDENTIFYING MY NEEDS As an artist, it is important for you to identify your needs and your customers needs. How can you promote your brand online, and what do you need to assess before doing so? You will first need to identify what your needs are. What do you want to achieve by creating digital content? How can you reach your goals? This is known as goal identification, and it relies on the problem solving process. For this, remember to: • Define your work • Define your audience • Keep connected • Be open-minded • Research • Create content • Concentrate on your work • Remain persistent and determined Having a proficient level of digital skills can help you with this immensely. Identifying your business plan can allow you to succeed in the online world and establish your online image. To do so, you can create a Business Model Canvas that will outline your needs, wants and goals. It allows you to get a clear idea of what your business, brand or online image will look like. Read below for more information: Identifying Needs How to: Business Model Canvas Business Model Canvas Explained A DIGITAL RESPONSE Technology provides you with a plethora of options that can help you to create a sustainable profession online. A technological needs assessment is a “systematic review of your business’ technology requirements” (Alliance ITLLC, 2019). This can help you to identify what is needed today and the expected needs based on your plan of growth. It considers ongoing actions, and long-term vision. Many have faced challenges when starting up their business or career. In terms of digital content creation, it is vital to identify the technological opportunities that you can avail of in the 21st century. Using technology and the digital world to create a sustainable profession is a great step in the right direction to being successful. After the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses and institutions went digital as they sought technological responses to COVID-19. This included: • Computing methodologies • Artificial Intelligence • Computer Vision • Automation • Information Systems • World Wide Web • Web Applications WHY TURN TO THE ONLINE WORLD? Turning to the online world can serve as a great tool to boost your productivity and your business growth too. It gives you the opportunity to unlock a new market of customers that can increase the sustainability of your business. As seen in the case study above, utilising the internet and social media platforms has the power to grow your business, image, or brand beyond your physical location. Alongside this, it creates an online presence which can reach your customers beyond conventional limitations. • Technological Responses in the 21st Century • Technological Transformation During and After the COVID-19 Pandemic • How COVID-19 is Boosting Innovation