18 MOBILISING RESOURCES A fundamental resource in an artist’s practice is the artist themselves – their creativity, skills and ability to deliver their work. However, artists utilise a range of other resources when building their practice. These include materials, equipment, space, as well as the labour and expertise of others. It is important that you consider which resources you need to deliver your vision of your practice. You need to start by listing the resources that you need. Some questions might help you do this: • What equipment do you need to make or perform your work? • What materials do you need? • What time do you have for your practice? • Do you need to support of assistants and for what? • Is the expertise of others – e.g. structural engineers or gallery owners – needed? Once you have your list you can start to think about where you might source these resources. BUILDING YOUR NETWORKS Artists who earn a living through their practice are adept at finding the resources they need to be successful. They use their networks to locate and mobilise resources. Who you know and their willingness to collaborate with you, will be central to your success and you need to put time and effort into developing your networks. Building your network will require you to become part of a community of practice, sometimes making contributions without expecting anything in return. People will notice that and be more likely to help you when they have something to offer you but have little expectation of a return. At other times, you will build your network with a specific objective in mind. For example, you may seek the help of someone with a particular expertise and have a clear idea of what you can offer them in return. It is essential that you invest in building and maintaining your networks, alongside the other works of your practice. MOBILISING RESOURCES