53 Time needed: 5-10 minutes Task: 3Good Things exercise 3 Good Things Difficulty: Easy Three Good Things exercise is a form of end-of-the-day journaling exercise that will help shed a different and more positive light in recalling the events of the day! It prompts the individuals to mindfully cultivate gratitude, increase optimism and boost happiness within just one week of practice. METHOD: • This exercise is to be done every night before going to sleep. • You can use either a special notebook exclusively for this purpose or a relevant mobile / computer app • Duration: 5 minutes + (it depends on how much time the person chooses to dedicate in their reflection) STEP 1: THINK OF THREE GOOD THINGS THAT HAPPENED IN YOUR DAY STEP 2: WRITE (OR TYPE) THEM DOWN STEP 3: REFLECT ON WHY THEY HAPPENED NOTES: Useful Points: 1. Writing them down is recommended since it improves the sense of mindful reflection and recalling of the memory. However many people nowadays might prefer a mobile app which is also appropriate (better than nothing) as long you give enough time and space for reflection. 2. Focusing on your own reaction, action, initiation or any kind of involvement when it comes to the occurrence is vital, as it adds to your sense of control and how wellbeing and/or a positive attitude more often than not is a choice. 3. Timing is essential. It’s important of starting strong each morning and closing the day with a positive note each evening. Moreover, repetition is vital, it needs to be done every day for at least a week or once a week for six months to start seeing results. Suggested Themes – Topics for reflection: • Meaningful use of your time • Something good that happened at your work/home/school today • Positive interactions with others • An act of kindness or generosity you received or did • What brought a smile on your face? For more you can also follow the link provided below to watch the video, Dr. Martin Seligman describes the purpose and effects of TGT exercise.