50 EMPTY TEMPLATE PART 3: IDENTIFYING BARRIERS AND/OR OBSTACLES STEP 1: Based of the outcomes of your self-reflection and self-evaluation regarding your values and your lifestyle or choices, identify and write down what stands between you and living your life the way you desire. • Visualise “living your best life”. What prevents you from living that way? • When you think of your “best life” and how your core values can be embedded to that way of living, what gets in the way of you living that kind of live? STEP 2: Speculate the specific actions you can take in your daily life that will help you come closer to the “bull’s eyes” in each important area in your life. • Could be small steps towards a particular goal connected with your values • Actions or changes that reflect the person you want to be / become / seen from others • Take steps and actions that will help you eliminate the obstacles and/or prevent them from returning in the future For more info on “Bull’s Eye”:Lundgren, T., Luoma, J. B., Dahl, J., Strosahl, K., & Melin, L. (2012). The bull’s-eye values survey: a psychometric evaluation. Cognitive and Behavioral Practice, 19(4), 518-526.