5 This exercise is suitable for artist from all disciplines. This first exercise asks you to fill in a diagnosis tool which will help you reflect on where you already have strengths in relation to the skills sets for entrepreneurship and where you need to work to build your skills further. We recommend that everyone fill in the diagnosis tool and review your results before proceeding to complete other exercises. STEP 1: Start by completing the Creative Attributes Framework for Enterprise Reflection Tool. It is a survey which takes about 20 minutes to complete. It can be found through this link: https://glos.onlinesurveys.ac.uk/creativeattributesframework STEP 2 You will be provided a set of results which will include your scores against each (closer to 5 being your strengths and closer to 1 being areas you need to build further) and a diagram that will help you compare them. Please review your results and answer the following questions, writing your answers down: • Which two areas are you strongest at? • Which two areas do you most need to build? STEP 3: Using the following table, plan for how you are going to use your strengths and build on your areas for development. We have provided an example for each: Skills Reflection Objective Action Plan Curiosity I am curious, always looking in to new ways of doing things and interested in finding out about new things that are going on. To use my curiosity to find new ways of selling my paintings. Attend 3 openings and discuss with other artists alternative ways to sell my work. Review 3 artists is respect and review how they have built their profile – contacting them for a conversation Self-efficacy I often lack confidence in my abilities. As a result, I do not put myself forward to be selected for performances. To become more confident and put myself forward for selection in performances. Attend a workshop to help me become better at presenting myself confidently. Work with a coach / friend to put myself forward for performances and attend auditions. To attend 3 over the next 2 months. Time needed: 30 minutes Task: Complete survey, review your results, and plan for action. Reflecting on Your Skills using the Creative Attributes Framework Difficulty: Easy