48 “The Bull’s Eye” method is a tool that can be used for identifying values and values vs action discrepancies and obstacles in order to achieve a value-based living. The tool was originally created by Tobias Lundgren (BEVS; Lundgren et al., 2012). It is important to keep in mind that values are not the same as goals, values refer to a form of an ongoing action – they are the force and motivation that gives us direction to keep moving, whereas goals are what we want to achieve along the way. The dartboard on the next page is divided into 4 important domains of life: • work/education • relationships • leisure • personal growth/health This exercise is divided in 4 main parts: 1. Identifying your values in the 4 core domains of life 2. Evaluating the level you apply those values 3. Identifying barriers and/or obstacles 4. Developing an Action Plan PART 1: IDENTIFYING YOUR VALUES STEP 1: TAKE SOME TIME AND WRITE DOWN YOUR VALUES IN THE FOUR MAIN DOMAINS LISTED ABOVE 1. think about what motivates you, your own core values rather than specific goals (perhaps they collide with your goals for example you might want to study Psychology to help those who are suffering psychologically, alas be aware that “goals” and “values” are a different thing) 2. to guide you reflect on these questions: What is important for you? What do you care about the most? What do you want your life journey to be about and for? (For example setting aside some time daily to spend quality time with your children is a goal; to be an involved and dedicated parent is the underlying value) IMPORTANT NOTE! Make sure you are writing your own values, not what is expected from you from others. It is what you value the most that matters when you design your life and future! Time needed: 30 minutes Task: N/A Find your Motivation Difficulty: Moderate