35 WHAT IS SUCCESS Success cannot be defined in a single sentence but rather is comprised of many factors. One might argue that the definition varies depending on the individual and that one size does not fit all. To achieve your goals, you should first consider what it is that you want to accomplish and suggesting to start with the below questions: • What is most important to you? • What do you think makes for a successful life? • Is there anyone whom you admire? • What is it about their life or life • Choices you wish to emulate? • How much are you willing to commit to achieving your goals? • How will you know when you have “succeeded”? WORK-LIFE BALANCE Work-life balance refers to an equilibrium state, where one effectively balances work or career demands and those of their personal life. • Signs your work is taking over your life • You work longer hours than your colleagues • You cannot ‘turn off’ at the end of the day • You tie your personal worth solely to your work success • Your relationships are strained • Your work life is negatively impacting your health • You ignore hobbies and activities outside of work that used to bring you joy • You always feel behind no matter how much you do