3 Art is an important part to the social, civic, and economic wellbeing and vitality of our economies. Sadly, arts and culture have experienced significant economic setbacks from COVID-19. The global spread of COVID-19 in the early months of 2020 triggered monumental upheaval within the arts and creative industries. The instigation of lockdown measures in countries all over the world led to closure of public spaces, galleries, exhibitions, museums, arts venues, and other cultural assets. Across the spectrum of artistic and creative endeavors, restrictions on gatherings, changes in consumer behavior (voluntary or otherwise), and severe unemployment have taken a devastating toll on the sector. During this period, all the new challenges and difficulties that emerged, have changed the scenery in the art community. HeART project aims to enhance the competencies and skills of artists and individuals working in Culture and Creative Sectors. This handbook introduces a range of tools that will help you reach your goals through sustaining your practice as an artist: • It will help you better market your art using digital media, • support you in making and selling through a viable business, and most importantly • support you in increasing your personal wellbeing. Its objective is to enable you to thrive in your practice by having a sustainable business. INTRODUCTION