29 MAKE DECISIONS DEALING WITH UNCERTAINTY, AMBIGUITY AND RISK When you search Risk Management on Google you will see more than 1.3 billion results, and for the word Risk you will see about 2 billion results! The theme of risk management is not just an interest of a few and therefore of professionals in the sector, but has become a “must”. “All organizations, both private and public, of any sector, of any size, are faced with uncertainty, resulting from external and internal factors that make the achievement of their objectives random”. Risk = Unknown = Opportunity The new frameworks and international standards clarify that the risk should no longer be considered exclusively in its negative sense, but broaden the perspective of its meaning, including the unknown, or uncertainty. A new interpretation is given to risk, emphasising the positive aspects of risk, in terms of opportunities for organizations. Be ready for the change: Risk management becomes a fundamental propeller for managing uncertainty, seizing opportunities and always with a view to improving the organisation; all this, in order to protect and mainly create value in an external context in continuous evolution. And here we come to the pivotal point, not to mention the epochal turning point of risk management. Risk Management, also in view of the economic-financial crisis that has afflicted many companies in recent years, can no longer be considered an isolated COPING WITH UNCERTAINTY, AMBIGUITY & RISK