25 PRIORITISE, ORGANIZE AND FOLLOW UP To invest in the creation and growth of a business you must take special care of the tools you have available to do so. It is not just amatter of knowing them, but also of mastering themwith awareness and effectiveness. A Maker must Perform! In order to meet their objectives, an entrepreneur (whether aspiring or experienced, it makes no difference) must plan, schedule and control their activities, with regularity and mastery: planning, scheduling and controlling. These tasks are interrelated and essential to the management of your business and your projects in a range of different fields. As a result there are easy to use apps and software tools that can help you take care of all three. Design the process through which a desirable future scenario for the growth of your Art-Business is set. This is called “planning” = how you define our Art-enterprises objectives. Here you analyse their feasibility, the most suitable strategies to achieve them, the possible benefits that would result, and the time required to achieve them. DRAW THE HORIZON Planning, programming and management control are processes that complement each other. Each phase is characterised by a time horizon that is getting shorter and shorter. Step by step, as you move from one phase to the next, the details of the objectives and the means of achieving them increase. Thus we speak of: 1. ORIENT YOUR FUTURE = Strategic planning: translates your company’s mission into strategic goals to be achieved in the long term. It is important because it defines the future of the company itself and orients all its work; 2. ACTONTIME = Tactical planning: strategic objectives are “translated” into concrete actions to be carried out within a given period of time, usually from 3 to 5 years; 3. MOVE WITH STRATEGY = Operational planning: transform your tactical objectives into operational objectives, i.e. goals to be achieved within a short period of time through a series of strategic actions. Usually this period well encompasses a year’s work. PLANNING & MANAGEMENT